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Dublin Economic Monitor

The Dublin Economic Monitor is a joint initiative on behalf of the four Dublin local authorities, coordinated by the City Council. The commissioning of the Monitor represents a further manifestation of the enhanced role of local authorities in the area of economic development and enterprise support, in line with the local government reform programme. The Monitor, which is published free of charge on-line every quarter, is intended to track developments in the Dublin economy. The Dublin city region plays an increasingly important role in the economy of Ireland and it is important that its performance is properly tracked. The current and previous issues of the Dublin Economic Monitor can be accessed here, while interactive versions of the Economic Monitor's indicators and scorecards can be accessed below. Previous Economic Monitor Visualisations: 2015 Quarter 1 , 2015 Quarter 2 , 2015 Quarter 3 , 2015 Quarter 4 , 2016 Quarter 1 , 2016 Quarter 2 , 2016 Quarter 3 , 2016 Quarter 4 , 2017 Quarter 1 , 2017 Quarter 2 , 2017 Quarter 3 and 2017 Quarter 4 scorecards.

2017 Quarter 4 Dublin Economic Indicators

2017 Quarter 4 Dublin Economic Scorecard